SlimCD Payment Gateway Is Compatible With Our API

If your using the SlimCD payment gateway you can now process your ACH transactions with Gulf Management Systems!

Many businesses use SlimCD as their gateway to process credit card payments. Unfortunately they don’t process ACH payments, but now there’s great news. Any business using the SlimCD gateway can request Gulf Management Systems as their ACH payment processor.

Move Money With ACH Payments

Instead of writing a check, we now move money with ACH payments. Similarly, employers no longer issue physical paychecks to their employees. Additionally, home owners no longer write personal checks to pay for their mortgage or utility bills. Businesses no longer need to cut monthly checks for recurring supplies. Direct deposit and bill pay are both functions of ACH payments.

The Automated Clearing House Network or ACH, is the easiest way to move money between two bank accounts. No longer is there a need to write a check, address an envelope and place a stamp. In fact, the only information needed is a routing and account number.

Account Validation And Limiters

Gulf Management Systems takes ACH fraud seriously. First, we use account validation tools to verify the accuracy of the account information. Before any payments are sent, we check the routing and account numbers. Second, we verify the ability of the account to receive electronic payments. Third, we use transaction velocity limiters to protect against repeat transactions. Limiters basically set the amount of transactions that any account is able to perform, during a specific time frame. By using these tools we are almost able to eliminate fraud in our system.

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“Our business is able to process checking/saving account EFTs with ease.”

Dipen D, Owner

“Collecting money with ACH is the most cost effective solution. It is easy to setup and get paid. Works every time. Fairly easy to reconcile from the reports.”
Robert C, Programmer

“GMS has first-class technology and expertise, but what really sets them apart is that they put their hearts in everything they do. To us, they’re much more than a vendor, they’re part of the family.”

Shannon, Academy Prep Center of St Pete