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Experience and Reliability

    • Since 1992, GMS has been a leader in the payment industry for ACH and Credit Card Payments
    • At GMS, we take pride in providing the best customer service and individualized support for your business. Your success is truly our success.
    • With our knowledge in the industry, we are able to share our expertise on PCI Compliance and NACHA regulations

      Solutions Tailored to your Business

      •  We offer customized business solutions that are tailored to your business needs and practices
      • Accept ACH and Credit payments in the way that best fits your business!
        • Integrated through your website
        • In-person through our point of sale system
        • Online through our Virtual Terminal, Client Portal, Frontdesk, File Upload, or Rhino Software.

          Explore Our Payment Solutions

          1. Point-of-sale hardware
          2. Portal interface
          3. RhinoFit Software
          4. Connect through our API
          5. File Uploads
          6. Web integration

 I use GMS for EFT/ACH recurring billing for my customers. It’s reliable and cheap and easy, and I like it a lot. Like I already said, the customer support is excellent.

Ross M, Owner

GMS is way more cost effective than my previous processor, and with great service so its a win for me. The software works as its supposed to. I get my money quick and its pretty hassle free. THe best part is the service. Everytime I have a question or I just give them a call. Everyone there is friendly and helpful. I have never had anything that couldn’t be answered or take care of right away on the first call.

Michael D, Owner

GMS along with my client management software have worked together perfectly for my needs. I would recommend to anyone looking for a similar service. I use GMS processing in conjunction with RhinoFit as my billing software for my business. So far I have no had any issues with processing payments and that is exactly what you want. Payment processing is not something that needs to be fancy or have bells and whistles, it does exactly what it is supposed to. The fees are set at a good rate and competitive with any other payment processor.

Jason W, Owner