ACH Payment Processing

Seamlessly connect your software or online shopping cart to our platform and begin ACH Payment Processing. Handle your ACH transactions using the GMS payment platform and see what a difference 30 years of experience can make.

Experience Makes A Difference

With almost 30 years experience under our belts, we certainly know how to process ACH transactions. Our payment consultants and technical experts will work with your team to create and customize a solution specifically for your business model.  At GMS, you can count on our staff’s payment expertise to significantly limit risk and help you to learn the rules of ACH processing.

Use our API To Process ACH Payments

Using the GMS API, software developers can seamlessly integrate our payment platform into any existing software. Our API enables our users to process ACH & check 21 (remote deposit capture) payments in real time. Our ACH gateway enables tokenization and check verification to validate banking information upfront. With our built-in ACH reporting your users will be able to receive response codes for any successful payments or returns.

Generally speaking, our API provides all the necessary tools for your business to succeed while processing electronic payments. As a result we’ve taken thousands of businesses to the next level and showed them how to increase revenue while at the same time increasing their customer base.

API Payment Gateway
  • Process ACH/eCheck transaction through our ACH gateway
  • Secure platform with Tokenization and Check Validation
  • Built-in ACH reporting with Payment Response Codes
  • Add value, functionality, and flexibility to your existing software or application
  • Get expert guidance on NACHA rules and regulations
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