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Simplify your Gym Management with GMS

Grow your fitness community with GMS. GMS offers all the powerful software solutions and payment options that you need to help simplify your gym management while cutting operational expenses. Use our client portal or member management software to help grow your athlete network while saving you valuable time and money on your athlete payments.

Member Billing

Save time and money by using GMS for your athlete billing. Cut down on unnecessary credit card processing and software fees by utilizing our ACH or Credit Card solutions. Set up your members to be billed one-time or automatically each month through our virtual terminal or integrated software options.

Gym Management Software

Use our powerful gym management software to help simplify your daily tasks of running your gym. Our member management software gives you all the functionality that you need to set up classes, automate your billing, and to track your athlete's performance through our workout tracking tools.

Experience and Reliability

Since 1992, GMS has worked with thousands of ,gyms, dojos, and trainers to help maximize their revenue and cut operational expenses. We are fully staffed with experienced coaches that are here to help educate you on the best practices to save money on your athlete billing and software while helping to grow your athlete network.


RhinoFit is a powerful, yet easy to use member management software designed to help simplify the daily tasks of running a gym.


The GMS Client Portal is a simple payment platform designed for small businesses to accept one-time or recurring ACH or Credit Card Transactions.

Donor Boost

DonorBOO$T is a network giving program that harnesses the true power of the community - local businesses, merchants, and organizations - to help boost donations for your cause.