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Member Management In The Fitness Community

The most important part of owning any gym is managing your members properly. At the same time, holding onto your members is just as important. Without a solid membership base, growing a profitable gym is hard. Keeping your members happy is key since they tend to stick around longer. Using our member management software makes it easy. Set goals and track your member's progress as they work through the program. Promote their achievements and success through emails or the gym wall.

Member Billing

Keeping up with monthly billing can be exhausting, especially for larger gyms. Save time and energy using our award winning fitness software. Cut down on unnecessary credit card processing fees with our ACH solutions. Bill your members monthly, weekly, or even bi-weekly and deduct the money right from their bank account. Our software let's you know if the payment was approved or denied, and then let's you retry the payment in case of a decline. We offer the lowest credit card processing rates in the industry, not to mention our customer service is second to none.

Gym Management Software

Use our powerful gym management software to help simplify the daily tasks of running any gym. Furthermore, our member management software gives you all the functionality you need to set up classes, create appointments, and make reservations. Track your athlete's performance using our workout tracking tools and reporting features. We provide electronic messaging features to keep in touch with your students and send email reminders of upcoming events and classes.

Experience and Reliability

GMS loves working with gyms and dojos, in fact we've been doing it since 1992! We teach owners how to maximize their revenue and cut operational expenses. Our full staff is here to help educate you on the best practices for saving money. Not only will we show you how to setup the software and open your gym, we're also here to answer any questions and provide additional support.

RhinoFit is a powerful, yet easy to use member management software. Designed to help simplify the daily tasks of running a gym, it makes operating any gym easier.

The GMS Client Portal is a simple payment platform designed for small businesses. Easily accept one-time or recurring ACH or Credit Card Transactions with our terminal.

Donor BOO$T is a network giving program built to harnesses the true power of the community. Local businesses, merchants, and organizations all help boost donations for your cause.