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Accept credit card payments from your customers and take your business to the next level with merchant services offered by GMS!

Since 1992, GMS has been offering merchant services to small and medium sized businesses. We take pride in providing the best customer service and individualized support for your business. Your success is truly our success. With 30 years of experience in merchant services industry, we look forward to sharing our expertise on PCI Compliance and NACHA regulations.

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    PCI Compliance & Merchant Services

    Any business that plans to accept credit cards must be PCI compliant. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) designed a specific set of rules to govern merchants, and the way they handle credit card information. These rules were designed to protect against credit card fraud. Additionally they are meant to protect your customer's personal information. Since we provide merchant services, we must attain and hold a level 1 PCI compliance certification. This insures we are handling our clients data safely and securely. As part of our service we pass along our PCI compliance knowledge to our customers. There are currently 4 levels of PCI compliance. We'll help you to determine which level of certification your business needs.

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    NACHA Regulations & ACH Payments

    National Automated Clearinghouse Association (NACHA) is a governing body for ACH payments. This set of rules governs all transactions that run on the ACH network. An ACH payment is a type of electronic bank-to-bank transfer made via the ACH network. You've probably heard of them as Direct Deposits or Direct Payments. If your business would like to process ACH payments you'll need to be aware of all the rules and regulations. Our staff is well trained on NACHA regulations. As the regulations change, our team is able to make the necessary adjustments necessary to comply.

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    Accept Credit Payments!

    We offer several ways to accept credit card payments.

    • Integrated through your website
    • In-person through our point of sale system
    • Online through our Virtual Terminal, Client Portal, Frontdesk, File Upload, or Rhino Software.
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    Powerful Payment Solutions

    We offer the several ways to take payments from your customers.

    1. ACH Payments
    2. Virtual Terminal
    3. Software
    4. ACH Payment Gateway
    5. DonorBOO$T
Merchant Services