Payment Processing and Direct Deposit Solutions

Our primary focus at is to grow and maintain the success of your business through our payment processing and direct deposit services with our industry expertise developed over the 25 years we’ve been in business.  Payment processing choices are constantly evolving—that’s why you need an experienced electronic payment processor to provide you customized and up-to-date solutions that will yield the most savings for your organization.  Whether you're a brick-and-mortar store, an accountant, e-store, or software, Gulf Management Systems offers your business the industry's lowest rates along with expert processing strategies. 

Software solutions

Gulf Management Systems partners with many software providers to offer your business the best operational and administrative management solutions paired with the lowest rates for payment processing.  View a list of our partner business software solutions

ACH Processing

ACH processing is among the cheapest methods to accept payments, and could save your business up-to 80% in processing compared to credit cards.  ACH processing and eCheck solutions accept payments directly from your client's bank account, now with next day deposits available. 

Credit Card Processing

We will minimize the cost of processing your credit and debit cards.  Our credit card processing integrates with most point-of-sale software and hardware, as well as eCommerce shopping carts and mobile solutions. We serve all industries as well as high-risk.

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote deposit capture is the ability to deposit a check to your bank account without having to physically deliver the check to the bank. This is accomplished by scanning the check to our system which then securely transmits that image to the bank.

Virtual Terminal

With our virtual terminal, you can turn any of your office computers into a payment processing station for credit cards or checks- without having to purchase expensive point of sale equipment.  This solution is ideal for businesses that process multiple checks. Demo of Virtual Terminal

Payment Gateway

Our payment gateway is a connection that allows your business to integrate payment processing into your current software or website. We generate an API Key which connects your software or website a payment processing service. 


We provide the lowest rates available to accept payments on your eCommerce website.  We connect to many shopping cart systems such as BigCommerce and Open Cart through popular gateways such as, First Data, and NMI. 

GMS Online

GMS Online is a simple web-based application that allows you to accept online payments through your website.  This integration is ideal for businesses that want to accept bill and invoice payments online via credit card or ACH.  Demo of the GMS Web Payments

Recurring Payments (EFT)

Collect recurring payments effortlessly with our electronic funds transfer solution - ideal for installment payments, memberships, and service contracts. Payments can be debited from your client's bank account, or charged to a credit card. Learn more...

Direct Deposit

We offer payroll and contractor payouts via direct deposit method.  You will easily upload payroll and processing files through our file upload portal and funds are processed within the number of days specific to your specific business needs.  Learn more...

VIP Payment Program

The VIP Payment Program is an emergency care payment program. This program is meant to foster a win/win scenario between you and your clients.  Give your clients up to 180 days to pay for your services without a credit check.