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Gulf Management Systems is able to process the NACHA file generated by most of the software used today for calculating payroll.

Many companies are switching to payroll software to save money on human resource costs. Employees can now manage their own information, thus eliminating the need for data entry personnel. The software offers many robust features, and manages just about every aspect of payroll calculations. They calculate employee pay, deduct the tax, and allow you to print out the checks, but what about direct deposit?

Offer Direct Deposit To Your Employees

Is your company using payroll software by any of the following companies:

  • Paysoft
  • Thompson Reuters
  • Patriot
  • PayChex

If so, we can process your direct deposit ACH payments. Your employees work hard for you, why not offer them direct deposit. Unless you’re using the expensive enterprise version of the software, the service stops with printing the check. The fees for direct deposit ACH transactions can also be quite expensive. We offer a cost effective solution to offering direct deposit.

Payroll Software

Let GMS Process Your ACH Transactions

Most payroll software outputs a NACHA based file which is then sent to an electronic payment processor. NACHA rules are what govern these transactions and the contents of the file. This strict set of rules is what formats a uniform file that can be read throughout the banking industry.

The process is easy. Once your payroll has been calculated, you simply export the NACHA file from your software. You then upload it to the GMS Virtual Terminal, and we handle the rest.

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“Our business is able to process checking/saving account EFTs with ease.”

Dipen D, Owner

“Collecting money with ACH is the most cost effective solution. It is easy to setup and get paid. Works every time. Fairly easy to reconcile from the reports.”
Robert C, Programmer

“GMS has first-class technology and expertise, but what really sets them apart is that they put their hearts in everything they do. To us, they’re much more than a vendor, they’re part of the family.”

Shannon, Academy Prep Center of St Pete