Gym Management Software by RhinoFit

All-in-one Gym Management Software

 Gulf Management Systems offers a powerful, easy-to-use gym software system called RhinoFit. It is designed for gym owners,  personal trainers, and members. Built for the fitness industry, RhinoFit’s gym management software provides fitness centers, martial art studios, and athletic clubs with all the essential features that you need to support your gym! The gym software is designed to work on any type of computer system including desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. See why RhinoFit is the best gym software for your fitness studio! 

Member Management

Create and assign custom gym memberships and training packages to your members.

Class Management

Set up and embed your appointment and class calendar on your website.

Automatic Billing

Bill your members automatically each month with our recurring billing.

Email Management

Stay engaged with your members! Send out automated system emails or templates.

Digital Waivers

Manage online waivers and other health forms for your members to digitally sign.

Product Management

Sell products online or at your gym with our built-in point of sale options.

Does our Gym Software support your Fitness Center?

RhinoFit’s gym software supports many different businesses in the United States. Our gym software supports personal training centers, 24/7 fitness clubs, rock climbing gyms, martial arts studios, and more! 

Accept any type of Payment with our Gym Software

Are you looking for a point-of-sale (POS) system for your gym? Do you need a faster way to collect in-person payments at your gym? Then look no further!  RhinoFit’s payment system provides gym owners and fitness businesses with the capability to securely accept real-time credit card payments at your gym!  Never miss a payment again with RhinoFit’s integrated Gym POS solution!

Easy to Pair

Connect your EMV terminal with RhinoFit in only a few seconds.

Contactless Payments

Accept any type of payment including magstripe, chip & pin, or contactless.

Gym Payment Software

A gym management system is designed to help gym owners manage their day-to-day operations and member billing. Most gym software platforms include membership management, automatic billing, class management, workout tracking, and other key features. 

What are the benefits of using Gym Management Software?

1. Gym  Software Simplifies Gym Operations

Truthfully, it would be almost impossible to run a busy gym without some type of management software! Can you imagine dealing with everything solely on paper and spreadsheets?

Gym management software automates routine tasks like member check-ins, attendance, membership renewals, billing, and class scheduling. You no longer need to hire additional employees to manage day-to-day operations at your gym. Let the software do the work!

2. Gym Management Software Saves Time and Energy

Gym management software reduces the time required to complete administrative tasks such as membership billing, email communications, and reporting. This way you don’t have to waste your time reminding your employees about overdue bills or expired credit cards. The system will automatically send out bill reminders and automations for any failed payments.

Fitness software also helps improve booking and class scheduling. It can be stressful managing your weekly calendars with all your group training classes, appointments, and personal training sessions.  With gym management software, you can easily manage your members and their timeslots all in one place. Also, you save your members time by allowing them to book classes online!

3. Gym Software Increases Member Retention

Members care about all aspects of their gym… as they should!  Assuming they enjoy the workouts and community, the fitness software is also vital to the overall member experience and should be user-friendly. You are giving your members the tools they need to improve their fitness journey and to hold themselves accountable. With gym management software, they can easily access their daily workout logs and progress reports. This is a great way to retain your members and keep them motivated.

Gym management software can be used to keep your members engaged. Communication tools and automations can be set up to send out “We Miss You” messages, appointment reminders, and birthday wishes. Member rentention tools such as churn rate, class attendance, and last log-in are also great indicators for tracking your member’s satisfaction.

4. Gym Software provides Powerful Insights into your Business

Gym software generates reports and statistics that are highly beneficial to you the owner. You can look at real-time performance data and see what areas need improvement. View insights on income, membership expansion, class attendance, and more. These reports will help you see what areas need growth going forward.

With the help of management software, owners and operators can make quick and informed decisions. You have access to insightful analytics and real-time data which allows you to track membership performance, product sales, member attendance, and billing details. Without gym management software, it would be almost impossible to correctly keep track of all this data!

Automatic billing saves time, money, and energy that can be spent elsewhere. With automatic billing, you collect payments seamlessly each month and avoid constantly going to the bank and cashing checks.

With RhinoFit, you take full control of setting up your gym memberships and member billing options. Simply create a membership, type in RhinoFit and pick a payment interval!  With RhinoFit you set up your member billing as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even annually.  With our payment integration, you charge your members’ bank accounts or credit cards and deposit the funds directly into your bank account.  Plus, you can even set up automatic payment reminders and alerts to go out to your members for any failed bills! This way, you can sit back and let RhinoFit do the rest.

RhinoFit’s gym website templates come packed with all the powerful features that you need including a dynamic slider, animated text, prospect forms, membership sign up section, a gym calendar, product store, and more! Our gym website templates are SEO-friendly and can be fully optimized to work on any computer system including desktop, tablet, or mobile. 

Convert your gym into a 24/7 facility with RhinoFit’s 24/7 door access control system.  Operate a 24-hour facility with ease, knowing only your members have access. Our 24/7 gym management system makes accessing your gym more convenient for your members, staff, and you as the owner! The 24/7 Door Access is a combination of hardware, software, and mechanical equipment which gives you the ability to extend your hours and keep track of visitation patterns at your fitness facility.

Feel the power of the Rhino at your fingertips! Download our free iphone or Android mobile app to make class reservations, track WODs and benchmarks. 

Our Gym Management Software starts at only $57 per month for our standard edition. Our standard tier includes our member management, class management, automatic billing, email messaging, product store, and more!  Our software users also have the option to upgrade to our 24/7 door access system for only $149/month.  Try out a Free 30-day trial of our gym software! 

"The software is easy to use. There have been constant upgraded features with an understanding to the atmosphere for which the product is used. We haven’t had any problems since refunds have become possible through the Rhinofit platform."
Cheyenne Pietri
Co-Owner/Manager of Legend CrossFit
"RhinoFit is easy to use, user friendly and members love it. Rhino makes scheduling and accounting much easier. Managing our members through Rhino is simple and the site is very user friendly. Overall great experience so far.”
Greg Carpenter
Owner of PrimalCF
"I am proud to say that CrossFit Guelph was one of the first CrossFit boxes to run with the Rhino in 2012. RhinoFit is simple, yet elegant and does absolutely everything we need it to. With customer service that is second to none and a continuously evolving platform it is easy to wholeheartedly endorse RhinoFit.”
Michael Fall
Owner of CrossFit Guelph