Payment Processing for Moving & Storage Companies 

With merchant services from Gulf Management Systems, your moving company can easily accept credit cards, recurring payments, and checks

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  • ✅ Next Day Funding for all Payments

  • ✅ Full chargeback support

  • ✅ Guaranteed Savings or we will give you $1,000

Some of Our Clients:

I highly recommend John Toston and Gulf Management Systems for ALL of your payment processing! John is a "gem" to work with. He is responsive, fast and knowledgeable. You cannot go wrong with this processor!! John has saved us THOUSANDS of dollars is processing fees. If I could give them 10 stars I would!!!

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Credit Card Processing for Moving Companies

We Gladly Accept Moving Companies(Even Though Most Merchant Providers Don’t)

In the credit card industry moving and transport companies are often deemed as too high risk. This is mainly because movers frequently offer custom high-ticket items.For large moves there’s always some kind of pricing proposal that costs at least a couple thousand of dollars in some cases. These type of one-off expensive credit card sales can be issues for processors if customers request a chargeback, in which they dispute the charges with their credit card company, which is not good for either the moving company nor the credit card processor.

Another reason why moving and transport companies are at risk is because some of their sales are done over the phone or via virtual terminal. Since these transactions aren’t done in person, There’s an even greater risk of customer fraud. Also, in the moving and transport industry there’s a great chance for customer disputes with goods possibly being damaged or not delivered on time.

However, Gulf Management Systems has been proud to accept moving and transport companies for over 25 years! The valuable partnerships we’ve developed over the years has enabled us to accept moving businesses with an exposure for high ticket chargebacks. Gulf Management Systems seeks to provide movers and transporters with an affordable merchant processing solution.