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Power. Payments. Pride.

Since 1992, GMS has assisted thousands of small business owners, nonprofit organizations,  and local communities by providing essential business services to help run their organization.  In that time, we have been able to accumulate a vast amount of industry knowledge to help coach our unique communities on how to grow their business while navigating the rules of payment technology. We believe that by providing our clients with these powerful payment tools, educational resources, and excellent customer support we can truly make an impact in our local communities that we serve.

  • Donorboost GMS Non-Profit

    Non-Profit Organizations

    We are all in this together! Our donation experts will show you how to grow your non-profit organization by building a charitable referral network. Utilize our donation forms or software options to help grow your donor network, boost donations, and lower your donation processing costs.

  • Tough Tudder


    Simplify your gym management with RhinoFit. Our member management software allow our users to easily set up classes, bill your members automatically,  and track your client's workout results. Our coaches will teach you all the best practices to help attract new athletes & keep you up-to-date on all the processing rules.

  • Rainbow rhino only


    Take pride in your LGBT community! We are a proud supporter of the LGBTBE that offers discounted software & payment processing rates for your organization. Let us show you how we can build your LGBT network!