Client Spotlight: PayVision Online

We had the opportunity to speak with Cliff Meggers of PayVision Online to discuss how Gulf Management Systems (GMS) has helped his business. 

GMS: You have been with GMS since 2002. What are some of the reasons you have stayed with us so long?

Cliff: First thing is the excellent customer service. The GMS team is very responsive and will always pick up the phone. If I have an urgent issue, I can get it taken care of right away rather than having to send an email or leave a message. Another reason is vendor loyalty, my relationship with Jeremy and Chuck has been strong since the beginning, very personal.  I have had no reason not to stay.

GMS: Great, we are glad to hear and we value you as well. In your industry as a payroll processor, you rely heavily on consistency and accuracy with the payments you process, how do you feel that GMS has helped with this?

Cliff: The 3 main reports I receive daily are always accurate and make my daily balancing much easier. I feel like GMS is intuitive to my business needs. Also, GMS is really hands on, if something seems off with a batch, you guys do pay attention and pick up the phone to make sure it isn’t an error. It gives me a second safety net to know you all are looking at things and not so automated like some of the newer companies.  

GMS: In what ways do the support we provide GMS assist in Payvision’s success?

Cliff:  Going back to the relationship, even in the first year and over the years the flexibility with NSF has been a big deal. Certain things happen to cause NSFs and GMS is patient and will communicate rather than automatically debiting or demanding a wire. Depending on the situation, I am given the opportunity to seamlessly correct the issue and this heavily impacts my customer satisfaction. 

GMS: In what ways do the technological systems we use at GMS assist in Payvision’s success?

Cliff: In the 15 years that I have been with GMS, I have used 3 different software vendors, and you have always made sure that the transition of changing software vendors has went smoothly with your systems. Your IT even built out a custom process that makes sure that the systems work together seamlessly. GMS is dedicated to making it work for the client.

GMS: Our pricing stays has stayed the same for ACH payments since you opened an account with us and even with the changing times, GMS keeps our pricing low to enable our clients’ businesses to grow and be successful. Would you say GMS has influenced your success as a business?  

Cliff: Consistent with pricing has allowed them to stay competitive in the market. This industry has grown in the past 15 years and almost all companies do direct deposit now, with you prices remaining low, I can retain my customers by doing the same.

GMS: At GMS, we pride ourselves in always being available for you to speak with or email, would you say that this has ever wavered?

Cliff: Has never wavered, you are always accessible. Cannot think of a time that you haven't been available right away. For GMS to be consistently available and for things to get taken care of right away is a huge deal. It has helped me be able to provide great customer service and has definitely aided in the success of Payvision Online.