Why Your Business Should Accept Credit Cards Online


If your business is expanding or moving into the e-commerce space, its going to be necessary to find a processing service to accept credit cards. For some business owners that aren’t familiar, credit card processing can be intimidating. For businesses that have a physical storefront, they’re missing out on a lot of sales by not selling online. They are limiting their business to their local area opposed to being found online by just about anyone in the world.

Here are a few key reasons on why you should accept credit card payments.

More Shopping is Happening Online

Businesses across all areas have found the value in moving their transactions online. Being able to accept payments online is an additional revenue stream. Regardless of what you want to sell online, if marketed correctly people will find your product or service. There’s millions of people every day searching for products online, a huge market to be tapped into. Less people are doing retail shopping, and this is even more of a reason to have an online presence accepting payments.

Accepting Credit Cards Online is Easy

The way most credit cards work is by encouraging spending to reap their benefits or rewards. As a merchant, this is an advantage to your business. Since purchasing items online is easy for customers to do, it encourages repeat purchases. Once your website has a shopping cart platform and is set up to accept payments, consumers will be able to access your site and buy goods as they please. For businesses that have recurring billing, your customers can simply enter their credit card information once and can choose to get charged on a set date every month. This allows for an increased cash flow and less difficulty processing payments.

Most Transactions are Made using Credit Cards

Customers both online and offline prefer paying with credit cards, which is used in about 90% of online transactions. This is due to the accessibility and security credit cards offer. For online shoppers there’s also a sense of trust once they provide their information to a seller. The most important factor is setting up a reliable system to process and accept payments for potential customers.

If you’re ready to start accepting credit cards online, get started with this process below. We’ve worked with businesses for over 25 years helping them accept payments and can do the same for you!