The Benefits of Accepting Mobile Payments

Mobile payments allow customers to pay from their phones. The type of mobile payment systems vary but most payments are made via mobile apps.  There’re many benefits to this that can help businesses.

The Advantage for Businesses

It’s Cost Effective

Offering a mobile payment solution such as a barcode scanner or mobile card reader is a cost advantage compared to a credit card terminal. Most businesses already have a terminal solution, but these are a great solution to implement regardless. Keeping up with customer payment preferences is very important.  Most credit card terminals from the banks charge merchant’s transaction fees and monthly fees as well.

Consumer Engagement

Offering mobile payment solutions simply makes the checkout process a lot easier and quicker. This could increase returning business and consumer satisfaction. There’s also a chance that businesses can benefit from impulse buys from customers who might not have wanted to take their time to make a purchase. Customers are also more likely to trust your business if you accept mobile payments because most mobile payments require a two-way factor authentication.

Reduce Wait Time

For retail merchants, they can reduce their store lines with mobile payment technology. Since mobile payment technology can be taken anywhere, there’s no need to simply take payments in one place anymore. For floating businesses or merchants with people on the sales floor, payments can be accepted in just about any location. This is also an opportunity for salespeople to upsell products or assist customers finding products. Sales can now easily be processed via mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

Easily Accessible Data

Through mobile payment technology, customer data is more accessible and easier to track.  With this data, you can utilize different tactics to improve future campaigns and sales. After the sale with a mobile payment solution, you can access customer behavioral information which can be very valuable. You can see customer spending habits, preferred payment methods, frequency, and much more. Utilizing real-time customer information allows businesses to tailor their offerings according to consumer behavior.


Utilizing mobile payment systems can be a valuable tool for businesses. If you would like to get started accepting mobile payments contact us to get started!