The Advantage of Using ACH with Your Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is a connection that allows businesses to integrate payment processing into their website. The gateway ensures that important information passes through securely from customer to merchant and then from merchant to the payment processor. The advantage to using a payment gateway is that customers everywhere can access your shopping cart securely. Merchants are also safe from any fraud attempts or possible misuse. Through a payment gateway, you’ll be able to accept debit and credit cards, electronic funds transfer, and most importantly ACH processing.

ACH (automated clearing house) processing is one of the cheapest methods to accept payments and can save your business as much as 80% compared to credit card processing. This is the ideal solution for businesses that process payments on a recurring basis, such as gyms, tanning salons, and much more. Typical credit card fees can range anywhere from 2.50%-2.75% whereas ACH processing is a flat rate. Here at Gulf Management solutions, we provide a flat rate of $0.50 per transactions to save our merchants who process a high amount of transactions.

It’s also best to partner with a well-known payment gateway before implementing ACH processing. At Gulf Management Systems we offer ACH processing through the GMS ACH gateway. We also work with other popular gateways such as SlimCD, Plug’nPay, and 911 Software. The advantage of using ACH through a payment gateway is that there’s no involvement of card payments, just bank accounts. It’s also one of the most secure payment solutions because it’s regulated by the federal government and is managed by NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association).

 There are also many advantages to going with ACH processing. It’s much easier for your customers to track their payments since the merchant name is listed on their bank statement. There’s also no need to worry about late payments from customers, once they enroll the payment will process on the same date every month with no late fees. ACH removes the likelihood of stolen credit or debit cards being used in the purchase. Traditionally, a merchant will take out $.01 from a customers account to make sure there are sufficient funds and will have them confirm the transaction to confirm identity.

At Gulf Management Systems, we’ve been helping customers implement ACH processing for over 25 years. Contact us today if you’d like to learn on how we can help you.