Software Payment Integrations: Why They are Important?

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Every software company offers a variety of benefits that they offer clients and businesses. One factor that is often overlooked in this industry are payment integrations.

What are Payment Integrations?

These are payment options software companies give their clients to run payments within their system. At Gulf Management Systems, we partner with many software solutions such as RhinoFit to simplify the payment process for our clients.

What Can We Offer?

Valuable credit card and ACH processing for your clients to effectively run payments through your software. We act as a dedicated partner, and all our clients have a dedicated payment consultant that’s there every step of the way through the on boarding process. Our robust API can plug into software solutions very seamlessly.

Credit Card Processing

Allow clients to process credit card payments conveniently and at a reasonable rate while adding an additional revenue stream for your business. With every software company we work with, there is a great revenue split and benefit for the clients we work with.

ACH Recurring Payments

Allow clients to conveniently process ACH payments through your software. This is our specialty! As a direct ACH processor, all recurring payments go directly though us, which enables us to handle all payment issues.

Why go With Us?

Since 1992 we have helped businesses simplify payment processing. We have a variety of partnerships and options that allow us to offer a custom solution for all of our clients. We specialize in credit card and recurring payments for software clients!

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