Tuition and Billing for Martial Arts Schools-Gulf Management Systems

Let Gulf Management Systems handle the billing and collections for your martial arts school


Does your martial arts studio struggle with tuition billing and collections? Gulf Management Systems is an industry leader in payment processing and can assist your school by streamlining your billing process. Whether you’re looking to accept payments via ACH automatic billing, or by credit cards, we can provide a convenient solution to assist your martial arts school.

Gulf Management System’s recurring billing allows martial arts schools to automatically collect monthly fees for students without having to worry about late payments and missed bills. This also runs on a schedule so that you know what day every month you’ll be receiving your monthly payment. The only effort on the business owner is to enter the customer information once into the online payment gateway and after that the electronic debits are deposited automatically. Recurring billing is the easiest and most cost-effective solution for martial arts schools. Gulf Management Systems enables your martial arts students to pay online for classes or easily enroll into automatic payments.

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