Importance of Having a Merchant Services Partner in a Software


There are many new software solutions popping up every day, is this a bad thing? Of course not! But the issue is that these new software’s often look to handle their customer payments themselves without the help from a merchant services processor. Handling payments on your own can be very time-consuming and tedious if issues arise. How can a merchant service partner help? See more below.

Take Care of Payment Issues

A payment processor will take care of any payment issues that arise, because that’s their job! A payment processor is there to facilitate incoming payment transactions as well as dealing with failed payments and monthly billing. A merchant service provider is best equipped with software’s that utilize subscription or monthly service billing, as these are the easiest type of transactions to facilitate for both parties. It reduces late fees or failed payments from customers.

Little Integration Required

For Gulf Management Systems it’s very easy to plug our API into a software to start processing our clients payments. It’s often a very simple process getting your software to plug in with most merchant service providers.

It’s Simple and Inexpensive

Integrating your software with a merchant service provider can be both simple and inexpensive. With our ACH payment solutions, you can process payments for as cheap as $.10 per transaction in some cases no matter how large they are! You accept the payments and we do the work for you! What can be better than that?

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