How to Provide More Options for Payroll Clients


If you provide payroll services for clients it can always be good to offer additional services, right? Being able to offer more convenient options means a better relationship between you and your clients. Below are a few great options that every payroll provider should consider!

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a great service to add because everyone uses it! Whether using it for a one-time payout or weekly payouts, every consumer and business uses some version of direct deposit. This is a cheap and invaluable service that could benefit any client. The convenience and security of direct deposit means it’s more hands-off for you while your client benefits from your services. This is a must for CPA’s and lawyers! Opting for direct deposit mitigates risk without worrying about checks getting into the wrong hands anymore.

Prepaid Debit Cards

A prepaid debit card is a great alternative to banking that is a secure and effective solution for payouts. These can be used for larger refund amounts, employee debit cards, and can be used as an alternative form of payroll. The benefit is that they are safer than cash, convenient, and are accepted worldwide! They are simple and can be a great additional offering for your business.

ACH Payment Processing

With ACH payment processing, you can accept recurring payments from your clients! For example, if you have clients who pay you monthly for services, ACH can be a great addition to your business. Payments are processed through the Automated Clearing House, one of the safest payment networks. You can easily setup fixed payment amounts from your clients that will process every month without them doing a thing or worrying about missing a payment.


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