How Recurring Payments Can Benefit Your Business


Is your business focused too much on dealing with manual billing, or even chasing bills? Find out how recurring billing can make your life easier and save you money!

It Builds Relationships with Your Customers

Recurring payments allow the distribution of goods or services between you and your customers over a period of time. One payment begins the relationship between you and your customers. Automatic payments have begun to be the new normal for consumers. This takes the stress out of worrying about missing a payment for them and ensures you get paid in a timely manner. Once your customers enroll in ACH automatic payments, they are likely to remain long-term customers.

Simplify Your Company Billing

ACH Payments process on the same day for customers every month so you know when you’re going to get paid! No more hassle waiting for customers to make a payment or tacking on late fees to their account. The fact of the matter is that even the best customer can forget to make a payment, and this ensures that they won’t miss a payment. Automatic billing simply makes life easier for everyone involved. You want to keep customers satisfied as well and to not have to worry about payment hassles. With automatic payments, as long as there are sufficient funds the money will be safely extracted from your customer’s bank every month.

Grow Revenue Through Subscription Services

Recurring billing used to only be used for utilities, clubs, or newspapers but today recurring billing can fit a variety of business model types. Whether you are a CPA, or own a software company, a recurring billing model can be an effective way to run your business. Often a low-cost business such as a gym relies on recurring billing to avoid payment disputes since they often have many customers. With ACH payments, payments are almost guaranteed to come every month and is a lot cheaper as ACH payments can cost as little as $0.50 per transaction no matter how large. This can be a great cost-savings for business when you pay anywhere between 2-4% in credit card fees normally.

Running a business can be hard, but automatic payments can make your life easier! At Gulf Management Systems we help business seamlessly accept ACH Payments. Find out how we can help your business!