How ACH Transactions Can Help Your Business

What is an ACH Transaction and How Can It Help My Business?

An ACH transaction is a simple way to accept recurring payments from customers at a low cost.ACH processing is a powerful method of payment both for receivables and payables, as it can help streamline cash flow from many aspects of business operations. There’s many uses for ACH transactions for a business from a receivables perspective, such as offering an optional payment method versus credit cards, not to mention it is usually more cost effective from the merchant perspective, it is commonly used for recurring billing and is also a method of account on file for variable debits.

ACH processing for receivables can be processed by various payment processing software, point of sale hardware, and by an ACH payment gateway API which gives a lot of flexibility for billing for many types of businesses. ACH transactions is also useful in terms of payables for streamlining many business operations from direct deposit (payroll), payouts, and reimbursements. ACH transactions for payables is facilitated by various methods from uploading NACHA files facilitated by software and is also API driven by pushing credits for direct deposit.

The Gulf Management Advantage

Utilizing Gulf Management Systems billing software, merchants can process one-time payments, recurring payments, or variable payments, efficiently and securely. Our billing software offers your business many other advantages. You’re able to edit payment information & schedule payments with our fully functional web-based software. We allow businesses to Accept all payment methods, such as credit cards, ACH, and E-Check. There are also simple reporting features along with free authorization and payment forms. We can transform your business into an omni-channel solution, with online, in person, and telephone payments.

Discover How ACH Can Help Your Business