Advantages of an E-commerce Website

In today’s day and age an e-commerce website is a must. It improves product and brand visibility to consumers. More consumers are doing a majority of their shopping online these days over traditional retail. There are many benefits to e-commerce that businesses can see after proper implementation.

1.     Gain Potential Customers Through Search Engines

While searching for products online it’s common for people to find websites of products they’ve never heard of before. This is where companies can leave an impression with customers and display a clear branding message for their product. Website traffic can amount to more visitors than a business could possibly ever get at a retail location. The more site traffic a business gets the better off they will do as consumers begin to gravitate towards their online store.

2.     Gain Valuable Customer Information

With an e-commerce website business can gain a lot of valuable consumer information. They’re able to see customer frequencies, buying patterns, and tastes. Through an e-commerce site business are also able to offer special discounts that they might not be able to offer in a traditional storefront. Businesses can segment their customers and communicate unique offers via email. They can also measure customer satisfaction and feedback through an e-commerce platform as well.

3.     Eliminates Travel Time/Geographic Limitations

With a physical store there is a limitation with geographic customer reach. With an e-commerce site anyone in the world can see or buy your products or services. Gone are the days of customers having to drive far to a physical location or call to inquire about a product. An e-commerce site is a great addition to an already existing storefront, since there is already some kind of brand awareness about your product or service. The same customers that enjoy visiting a storefront location will do the same to an e-commerce site.

4.     Create a Market for Niche Products

It’s often difficult for buyers and sellers to locate each other on the physical landscape. While online it’s very easy where businesses are just one Google search away. The e-commerce space is a great area for niche business to develop and establish their customer base. Trying to find customers for niche markets is difficult with a physical location but can be achieved on an e-commerce platform.

Payment Processing Solutions for Your E-Commerce Site

There are a few easy and cheap payment processing options. The most popular is credit card processing. The Gulf Management Systems credit card processing integrates with most point-of-sale software solutions. For some businesses eCheck solutions can be very inexpensive and accept payment directly from your client’s bank account, with next day deposits available. For businesses that deal with recurring payments they can also consider EFT(electronic funds transfer) for installation payments, memberships, or contracts.

An e-commerce website can be a valuable tool for businesses. Here at GMS we have years of experience helping businesses accept payments on their e-commerce site. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!