RhinoFit Clients Save When Processing Direct Deposit with Gulf Management Systems


Gulf Management Systems, the preferred payment processor for the RhinoFit software, is offering RhinoFit clients a discount on payment disbursement to independent contractors.  This service provides direct deposit payouts for your personal trainers, coaches, instructors, or contractors who are working on a 1099 basis.

Direct deposit is an ACH transaction that is a safer than a check, since a check is passed from hand to hand and reveals your bank account information. With ACH direct deposit payouts, the money is electronically transferred into a bank account.

Direct deposit is an important perk that you can offer your trainers / contractors as it allows them to have access to pay on a specified day in their bank account.  Direct deposit can also be used for expense reimbursement, travel advances and any other form of payment. According to the Federal Reserve, 97% of consumers using direct deposit are very satisfied. It can be an excellent financial planning tool by allowing your contractors to divided their payouts into separate accounts. 

Switching your payouts to our safe and simple direct deposit solution saves you time and money by not having to write and pay for checks, allows payout to your contractors regardless of where you are on payday, and keeps your bank account information off a paper check that can get lost or copied. 

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