The Benefits of using SOAP API

SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol) is a messaging protocol specification which exchanges structured information within the specification of the web services within computer networks. It’s necessary because it induces independence, extensibility, and neutrality. SOAP allows the processes running on separate operating systems the ability to operate and communicate using XML(Extensible Markup Language). Read more to see the benefits of SOAP API.

One of the advantages of SOAP is that it has universal description, discovery, and integration features. It acts as a director of web service interfaces which are described in the language of WSDL(web services description language). SOAP also allows businesses the flexibility of integrating their existing software using its protocols which is important. This integration allows multiple platforms such as Solaris, Linux, or Windows. SOAP can be utilized for facilitating batch or single ACH transactions.

There’s also a few other advantages to SOAP. The neutrality of SOAP especially makes it suitable for the use of any transport protocol. The implementations that often use HTTP as a transport protocol, but there’s also other transport protocols that can be used. When SOAP is combined with HTTP exchanges, it tunnels easily through the existing proxies and firewalls. Lastly, SOAP is available in XML and all its facilities, which includes the extensibility and internalization of the XML Namespaces.

SOAP is a valuable API and is what Gulf Management is run through for our ACH transactions. Contact us today if your business would like to facilitate ACH transactions through our API.

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Why Credit Card Processing is Necessary for Small Businesses

For most businesses accepting credit cards is the norm these days. However, many small businesses are still resisting the implementation of credit card processing. Some are afraid of the upfront charges and transaction fees involved. There’re many benefits however of these systems which can’t be ignored. Find out the benefits of payment processing for small businesses.

New Market Opportunities

Accepting credit cards will allow merchants to increase their sales and is also a smart move in the long-run. There’re several different markets now available once a business begins accepting credit cards. For businesses looking to go online, accepting credit cards on this space is essential. Having a secure company website is the first step to accepting customer payments. Once a business begins to accept credit cards, they can also choose to take their business on the go and accept mobile payments.

Ease of Purchase

To run a successful business, the needs of the customer must be met. Most customer payment preferences are debit and credit cards. This is mainly because of ease of use and security. When customers visit a business that only takes cash, they aren’t likely to want to shop there again. On the other hand, when a customer visits a business taking credit cards, they will always be able to easily make a payment. Cash is slowly becoming obsolete and even small businesses must move with this trend.

Legitimizes Your Business

By letting customers know that you accept credit cards, they acknowledge a sense of trust with your business. Customers have a sense of trust and security with their credit cards and will instill that same trust in your business. Merchants can expect that the implementation of accepting credit cards will legitimize their business in the eyes of consumers. For many businesses still on the fences accepting credit cards can be easy! At Gulf Management Systems, we can help your business accept credit cards today!

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The Benefits of Accepting Mobile Payments

Mobile payment systems allow customers to pay from their phones. The types of mobile payment systems vary but most payments are made via mobile apps.  There’re many benefits to this that can help businesses.

The Advantage for Businesses

It’s Cost Effective

Offering a mobile payment solution such as a barcode scanner or mobile card reader is a cost advantage compared to a credit card terminal. Most businesses already have a terminal solution, but these are a great solution to implement regardless. Keeping up with customer payment preferences is very important.  Most credit card terminals from the banks charge merchant’s transaction fees and monthly fees as well.

Consumer Engagement

Offering mobile payment solutions simply makes the checkout process a lot easier and quicker. This could increase returning business and consumer satisfaction. There’s also a chance that businesses can benefit from impulse buys from customers who might not have wanted to take their time to make a purchase. Customers are also more likely to trust your business if you accept mobile payments because most mobile payments require a two-way factor authentication.

Reduce Wait Time

For retail merchants, they can reduce their store lines with mobile payment technology. Since mobile payment technology can be taken anywhere, there’s no need to simply take payments in one place anymore. For floating businesses or merchants with people on the sales floor, payments can be accepted in just about any location. This is also an opportunity for salespeople to upsell products or assist customers finding products. Sales can now easily be processed via mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

Easily Accessible Data

Through mobile payment technology, customer data is more accessible and easier to track.  With this data, you can utilize different tactics to improve future campaigns and sales. After the sale with a mobile payment solution, you can access customer behavioral information which can be very valuable. You can see customer spending habits, preferred payment methods, frequency, and much more. Utilizing real-time customer information allows businesses to tailor their offerings according to consumer behavior.


Utilizing mobile payment systems can be a valuable tool for businesses. If you would like to get started accepting mobile payments contact us to get started!

Why You Should Accept Credit Cards Online

If your business is expanding or moving into the e-commerce space, its going to be necessary to find a processing service to accept credit cards. For some business owners that aren’t familiar, credit card processing can be intimidating. For businesses that have a physical storefront, they’re missing out on a lot of sales by not selling online. They are limiting their business to their local area opposed to being found online by just about anyone in the world.

Here are a few key reasons on why you should accept credit card payments.

More Shopping is Happening Online

Businesses across all areas have found the value in moving their transactions online. Being able to accept payments online is an additional revenue stream. Regardless of what you want to sell online, if marketed correctly people will find your product or service. There’s millions of people every day searching for products online, a huge market to be tapped into. Less people are doing retail shopping, and this is even more of a reason to have an online presence accepting payments.

Accepting Credit Cards Online is Easy

The way most credit cards work is by encouraging spending to reap their benefits or rewards. As a merchant, this is an advantage to your business. Since purchasing items online is easy for customers to do, it encourages repeatpurchases. Once your website has a shopping cart platform and is set up to accept payments, consumers will be able to access your site and buy goods as they please. For businesses that have recurring billing, your customers can simply enter their credit card information once and can choose to get charged on a set date every month. This allows for an increased cash flow and less difficulty processing payments.

Most Transactions are Made using Credit Cards

Customers both online and offline prefer paying with credit cards, which is used in about 90% of online transactions. This is due to the accessibility and security credit cards offer. For online shoppers there’s also a sense of trust once they provide their information to a seller. The most important factor is setting up a reliable system to process and accept payments for potential customers.

If you’re ready to start accepting credit cards online, call us to get started with this process. We’ve worked with businesses for over 25 years helping them accept payments and can do the same for you!


The Advantage of Using ACH with Your Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is a connection that allows businesses to integrate payment processing into their website. The gateway ensures that important information passes through securely from customer to merchant and then from merchant to the payment processor. The advantage to using a payment gateway is that customers everywhere can access your shopping cart securely. Merchants are also safe from any fraud attempts or possible misuse. Through a payment gateway, you’ll be able to accept debit and credit cards, electronic funds transfer, and most importantly ACH processing.

ACH (automated clearing house) processing is one of the cheapest methods to accept payments and can save your business as much as 80% compared to credit card processing. This is the ideal solution for businesses that process payments on a recurring basis, such as gyms, tanning salons, and much more. Typical credit card fees can range anywhere from 2.50%-2.75% whereas ACH processing is a flat rate. Here at Gulf Management solutions, we provide a flat rate of $0.50 per transactions to save our merchants who process a high amount of transactions.

It’s also best to partner with a well-known payment gateway before implementing ACH processing. At GMS we offer our ACH processing through popular gateways such as, First Data, NMI, and Plug’NPlay. The advantage of using ACH through a payment gateway is that there’s no involvement of card payments, just bank accounts. It’s also one of the most secure payment solutions because it’s regulated by the federal government and is managed by NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association).

 There are also many advantages to going with ACH processing. It’s much easier for your customers to track their payments since the merchant name is listed on their bank statement. There’s also no need to worry about late payments from customers, once they enroll the payment will process on the same date every month with no late fees. ACH removes the likelihood of stolen credit or debit cards being used in the purchase. Traditionally, a merchant will take out $.01 from a customers account to make sure there are sufficient funds and will have them confirm the transaction to confirm identity.

At Gulf Management Systems, we’ve been helping customers implement ACH processing for over 25 years. Contact us today if you’d like to learn on how we can help you.

Why ACH Billing is an Advantage for Businesses

We all know that credit cards and debit cards are outpacing cash currently. But why is it a good idea for a business to consider other methods to make and receive payments? The reason is associated with the high processing costs involved with debit and credit card transactions. A great alternative to these high rates is ACH (Automated Clearing House). The ACH network is the main source of transactions in the U.S. where money moves from one bank to another trough payments made via ACH transactions. The ACH network is one of the largest and safest payment systems in the world. Check out the advantages ACH billing services can have for your business.

Lower Transaction Fees

One of the biggest advantages of ACH is very low processing fees. Through ACH money is moved between the banks of an individual and/or business through a clearinghouse, which keeps the cost of transactions low. For example, typical credit and debit card processing fees range from 2.00%-2.75% and would cost an average $2.50 for a $100 transaction. On the other hand, the ACH fees of Gulf Management systems are typically only $0.50 per transaction. For businesses that process thousands of transactions, these fees will add up!

Hassle Free

ACH was established to make money transfers efficient and simple. There’s no more need to worry about processing checks. As a business owner, your customers also don’t need to worry about forgetting about their monthly payment. With ACH they are easily able to set up recurring or one-time payments via ACH. Also, since ACH deals with two banks, there are no longer issues with credit cards not processing for simple reasons such as a customer losing their card, the card being stolen, etc. There is less to worry about for both the business and customer.


Unlike dealing with checks, transfers of ACH are direct with no middlemen. There is no more worry about checks being misplaced or forged. Some customers might be concerned with submitting their bank account information. To deal with this, some ACH payment processors carry out a two-way validation to confirm the identity of both individuals. With Gulf Management Systems, our ACH gateway features allow businesses to validate bank information and authenticate consumers. This is a great security aspect for both the customer and business. 

Recurring Billing

ACH benefits business with a subscription model such as gyms, tanning salons, and just about anyone. This allows businesses to accept recurring payments hassle-free with low transaction fees. ACH is a great choice because there is a low flat fee per transaction.  In the past, the more transactions businesses made the more they were charged in fees. With recurring payments, there is also less invoicing and emailing clients. Businesses are also able to enhance their social image by reducing their use of paper and other materials.

At Gulf Management Systems, we have been specializing in ACH processing for over 25 years. Contact us today and we can help your business save money and increase efficiency with ACH processing!


Advantages of an E-commerce Website

In today’s day and age an e-commerce website is a must. It improves product and brand visibility to consumers. More consumers are doing a majority of their shopping online these days over traditional retail. There are many benefits to e-commerce that businesses can see after proper implementation.

1.     Gain Potential Customers Through Search Engines

While searching for products online it’s common for people to find websites of products they’ve never heard of before. This is where companies can leave an impression with customers and display a clear branding message for their product. Website traffic can amount to more visitors than a business could possibly ever get at a retail location. The more site traffic a business gets the better off they will do as consumers begin to gravitate towards their online store.

2.     Gain Valuable Customer Information

With an e-commerce website business can gain a lot of valuable consumer information. They’re able to see customer frequencies, buying patterns, and tastes. Through an e-commerce site business are also able to offer special discounts that they might not be able to offer in a traditional storefront. Businesses can segment their customers and communicate unique offers via email. They can also measure customer satisfaction and feedback through an e-commerce platform as well.

3.     Eliminates Travel Time/Geographic Limitations

With a physical store there is a limitation with geographic customer reach. With an e-commerce site anyone in the world can see or buy your products or services. Gone are the days of customers having to drive far to a physical location or call to inquire about a product. An e-commerce site is a great addition to an already existing storefront, since there is already some kind of brand awareness about your product or service. The same customers that enjoy visiting a storefront location will do the same to an e-commerce site.

4.     Create a Market for Niche Products

It’s often difficult for buyers and sellers to locate each other on the physical landscape. While online it’s very easy where businesses are just one Google search away. The e-commerce space is a great area for niche business to develop and establish their customer base. Trying to find customers for niche markets is difficult with a physical location but can be achieved on an e-commerce platform.

Payment Processing Solutions for Your E-Commerce Site

There are a few easy and cheap payment processing options. The most popular is credit card processing. The Gulf Management Systems credit card processing integrates with most point-of-sale software solutions. For some businesses eCheck solutions can be very inexpensive and accept payment directly from your client’s bank account, with next day deposits available. For businesses that deal with recurring payments they can also consider EFT(electronic funds transfer) for installation payments, memberships, or contracts.

An e-commerce website can be a valuable tool for businesses. Here at GMS we have years of experience helping businesses accept payments on their e-commerce site. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

The 5 Benefits of Credit Card Processing

Customer preferences have changed over the years and it’s up to businesses to keep up with this. They must have the systems in place to handle all of the incoming payments and information. Payment processing is important because it allows for seamless data integration to flow into the ERP system of a company. There are many methods of customer payments and businesses need the proper operations to manage this while having access to real-time data which assists in operations.

1.     Reduced Company Expenses

A credit card processing system reduces many tasks that were previously performed by employees. With a credit card processing system employees no longer need to worry about managing the Accounts Receivable or updating the General Ledger. The main duty for employees is now learning how to process the credit card payments. There are also lower production costs due to lower processing fees that are automatically submitted to the line-item transaction details to the POS system.

2.     Increased Cash Flow

Every business wants to get paid and on time. Having the ability to process payments electronically allows businesses to get paid a lot sooner. With credit card processors businesses can easily set up automated payments so they know when they are going to be getting paid every month. With a credit card processing solution there are reports that provide up-to-date information on the amount of money available to the business daily. Payments are also automatically updated and applied to credit card processing software. Long are the days of the time-consuming manual accounting process.

3.     Improved Security

Credit card processing gives businesses the ability to do their accounting from the cloud, which is more of a secure way to manage company finances. Cloud-based accounting allows businesses to access their data from virtually anywhere from the internet. Cloud-based solutions are known to be secure and is always a good secondary backup for important data. It’s also important to consider software that is PCI compliant, which protects credit card information in the event of a data breach. The advantage to cloud-based software is that they are typically run from a data center which is known to offer several layers of security which will protect data.

4.     No More Human Error

No matter how accurate we can try to be humans always make occasional errors. With credit card processing there is a seamless flow of information and data from the point-of-sale directly into the general ledger. Businesses no longer need to worry about accidentally applying incorrect data to accounts or other mistakes that can cost a business money. With the assistance of credit card processing businesses can function as effectively as possible without error.

5.     Save Time

With the assistance of credit card processing businesses no longer waste time by manually entering credit card information. All batch information that was previously sent to the payment processor and needed to be recreated now is sent to the credit card processing system. There is no longer the need for any interaction by employees after the initial point-of-sale. Not having to worry about this gives businesses and their employees time to do other tasks and greatly improves the workflow.

Gulf Management Systems Offers ACH Processing as a Significant Cost-Saving Measure to Businesses

 Alternative type of payment system capable of saving merchants up to 80-percent in comparison to credit card processing rates.

Gulf Management Systems, Inc., a Florida-based leader in the electronic payment processing industry, offers ACH processing to merchants as an alternative type of payment system, capable of saving them up to 80-percent in comparison to credit card processing rates. As a company, Gulf Management Systems delivers low-cost payment solutions to fit the need of a client’s business model, integrating and partnering with various business software to streamline operations and payment processing.

“Having evolved during the most progressive period of the electronic payment processing industry, we understand that businesses need an experienced electronic payment processor to provide them with customized solutions that will yield the most effective results,” says Charles G. Billone, President of Gulf Management Systems. “Indeed, recurring transactions have always been our forte, and as a leading provider of technology-enabled debit card, credit card, EFT, e-commerce and direct deposit services, we’re proud to offer ACH recurring payments applications as a cost-saving measure to merchants everywhere.”

Keeping a primary focus on growing and maintaining the success of a business through payment processing and direct deposit services via industry expertise developed over the 25 years it has been in business, Gulf Management Systems and its representative team stress that ACH is among the cheapest methods by which to accept payments, capable of saving businesses up to 80-percent in processing compared to credit cards. ACH processing and eCheck solutions accept payments directly from a client’s bank account, with Gulf representatives confirming that next-day deposits are now available.

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House and represents an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States, processing large volumes of credit and debit transactions in “batches.” ACH credit transfers incorporate direct deposit, payroll and vendor payments, while ACH direct debit transfers encompass consumer payments on insurance premiums, mortgage loans and other types of bills. Debit transfers also include new applications such as the point-of-purchase (POP) check conversion pilot program sponsored by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA); both the government and commercial sectors use ACH payments, and businesses have increasingly used ACH payment software online to allow customers to pay rather than via credit or debit cards.

According to research conducted by Gulf Management Systems, the Federal Reserve Banks since 2005 have processed 60-percent of commercial interbank ACH recurring payments transactions, with the remaining 40-percent being processed by the Electronic Payments Network (EPN), America’s only private-sector ACH operator. The Federal Reserve Banks – through the FedACH system – are collectively the nation’s largest ACH operator.

Gulf Management Systems offers merchant solutions to all business types with a personalized and scalable approach, having increased productivity and savings for businesses since 1992 through its technology and payment processing solutions.

“We are committed to our customers by way of a customer service approach that’s unique from most payment processing providers,” concludes Billone. “Each account boasts a dedicated, hands-on personalized coach that supports them and who takes time to set the account up, learn about the nature of the client’s business and provide a detailed orientation to ensure the user is well-versed in processing, avoiding any errors or delays which contributes to their overall confidence as a merchant.

“Payment processing choices are constantly evolving, and that’s why merchants need an experienced electronic payment processor to provide them customized and up-to-date solutions that will yield the most savings for their organization. Whether a client owns a brick-and-mortar store, an account, e-store or software, Gulf Management Systems offers every business the industry’s lowest rates along with expert processing strategies.”



3 Simple Benefits that ACH Payment Processing Offers Business Owners

Perhaps you’ve heard about the savings or ease of ACH Payment Processing opposed to merchant credit card processing lately. Are you questioning if the benefits might be worth taking the risk? Here are the quick answers you are looking for:

Businesses can benefit from sending and receiving payments through ACH payment processing.  

Here are three benefits that might interest you further…

Ease of Use: When a customer pays by check, a business is typically required to wait for a mailed check to arrive, and then deposit the check with a bank. Oftentimes, a payment can get lost in transit and entry of these payments into a recordkeeping system can be labor-intensive. Electronic ACH payments are received quickly and reliably, and there’s no need to forward checks to the bank and wait a few days to find out which checks have bounced. 

Less expensive compared to plastic: For many businesses that accept payment by credit card, it costs less to process an ACH Transfer than it costs to take a credit card payment. 

This is especially true when a business consistently collects recurring payments from their customers, these savings add up, and automating these payments only increases the benefits. However, ACH does not give you a real-time approve/deny response like a credit card terminal would.

Long-distance payments: Businesses can accept payments by ACH remotely, although this can be done with credit cards too. If your customers don't have credit cards or they prefer not to send their card information regularly, ACH payments can provide a great solution.